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NEMSA Membership Benefits

NEMSA is proud to partner with Cornerstone Insurance, Jones Group and Provident to provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage to all active members. Highlights of the coverage are included below:

  • $10,000 accidental death benefit
  • $20,000 accidental death benefit if the death occurs in the line of duty
  • Coverage applies 24/7/365
  • Dismemberment benefits include but are not limited to; loss of a hand, leg, arm, sight, speech, fingers, toes
  • Paralysis benefits
  • Accidental severe burn and disfigurement benefits

       *Benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions

Beneficiary Designation Form

Claim Form

These are just some of the great benefits included with your membership. If you would like to know more about specific benefits, please contact Rhett Grancer, [email protected] or Mandy Craig, [email protected].

Each active member will be required to complete a beneficiary form and return it to Sandy Lewis, [email protected].  The beneficiary form can be found on the membership benefits tab. Please list a primary and contingent beneficiary. The contingent beneficiary is paid in the event the primary beneficiary is deceased or is unable to be found. Multiple primary and contingent beneficiaries may be listed, please assign a percentage to each if listing multiple people. For example, you may want to name list two children as beneficiaries, assigning 50% to each. If you have questions, please contact Rhett Grancer, [email protected] or Mandy Craig, [email protected].

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