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Election Committee

2023 Nominations

1st Vice President

Curtis Deremer

My name Curtis Deremer and I am running for the re-election of 1st Vice President. I am currently serving in this position and would like to continue representing NEMSA as your 1st Vice President.

I joined the Utica Vol. Fire & Rescue Dept. in 2001.  I have been an EMT since 2009.  I have served many years as Assistant Chief and now as Chief in 2021 on the Utica Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department.  I have been a volunteer for NEMSA at the Conference and Convention Committees since 2016.  As of September of 2019 I was elected to the Seward County E911 Board. I am very active in the Seward County Mutual Aid and helping with the Seward County mini fire school training.  

I will be a great advocate for Nebraska as your 1st Vice President and can continue to help promote EMS in Nebraska.  My goals as a Vice President are to help grow and keep our members growing in NEMSA.  Also to help voice concerns from small EMS squads in the state to the higher level. I would like to see more active EMS providers in our small rural communities. I believe it is good to get new people in office to bring new ideas to the table.

I will be a great voice for our membership and would appreciate your vote. 



Curtis William Deremer




Pam Strong

My name is Pam Strong and I am running for re-election for NEMSA Secretary. I currently live in Berwyn, Nebraska and work for the Village of Ansley as the Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer.  I am a member of Ansley Volunteer Fire & Rescue. I received my EMT license in 1996 and have been a member of NEMSA since 1997. This will be my 7th term as NEMSA Secretary and I would love to continue serving the members of this great organization! My focus will be on improving the communication between the NEMSA Board and the members of the organization, as communication is key in having a successful organization at all levels.  We need to promote a sense of professionalism for all EMS across our great state-it doesn’t matter if you are paid or volunteer, we are all professionals. As an organization we need to continue offering premier/ top of the line educational opportunities so that we can improve EMS across the state. As a team we need to work on getting NEMSA more involved with other public service organizations (EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement and Nursing) we all have the same goals and if we want to stay successful, we need to approach things as a team instead of individual groups. It is vital that we all stay focused on promoting EMS across our great state so our voice is heard!

I would truly appreciate your vote!

Pam Strong, NEMSA Secretary


Amy Santos

Nomination for NEMSA Treasurer- Amy Santos

My name is Amy Santos, I am running for re-election as the NEMSA Treasurer. I am the Paramedicine program director at Central Community College, I also currently work Paramedic at Fillmore County Hospital- ER. I have been a NEMSA member for my entire career, which began in 1997. I have always been a strong advocate for EMS providers in the state of Nebraska.

I have served the last 5 years as the Nebraska Instructor Society (NIS) President and have had the last 2 terms as the NEMSA Treasurer. I would like to continue to work for our NEMSA members as the Treasurer. I have worked hard for our members, making sure that we are being frugal with our spending, keeping our members interests in mind and making advocating for excellent education at conferences. In this role I have been a part of lobbying for grants for our students, members and departments.  With this role, I have worked with our website developers to create an updated tracking system on our NEMSA website. This will allow a better, easier flow and tracking of membership and payments and registrations for large super conference as well as our mini conferenes.  I have been working directly with our website developers and I am the current website master for NEMSA. I also work with the scanning company to troubleshoot out any issues with the education documntaion process and record keeping. 

I will continue to be an asset to our members and to our board. I am excited to continue this role with NEMSA.

I appreciate your vote! 


Amy Santos NEMSA Treasurer

Marty Klein

My name is Marty Klein, I am running for NEMSA Treasurer, and I would appreciate your vote!


I began my EMS service when I became an EMT while a senior in high school in 1990. I served on my hometown rescue squad, Winslow Rescue, then served on Waverly's Rescue Department while living there. When I moved to Grand Island, I joined Cairo's QRT as an associate member, since my job as deputy county attorney prevented me from responding to calls in Hall County.

It was during my time with Cairo, beginning in 2009, that I became a member of NEMSA and began volunteering at the Winter Hands-On Conference. I have volunteered every year since, helping at 13 conferences.

I want to help NEMSA even more by asking to serve as Treasurer. I am a licensed attorney, and I have been the treasurer in two different non-profit organizations since 2009, so I am familiar with the accounting requirements necessary to manage the funds for NEMSA.

If elected, I will promise transparency and accountability for the financial state of NEMSA. Every meeting will have a complete treasurer's report for all members to review, and that report will go out to members in advance of regularly scheduled meetings.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and I can be reached via my personal Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=profile&section=username [facebook.com].

I would very much appreciate your vote for NEMSA Treasurer in the upcoming election.

Member at Large

Dr. Shayla Coffey:


Thank you for the opportunity to submit my letter of interest to become the next NEMSA board member at large.  Building upon what NEMSA has been accomplishing over the last 25 years, I hope to bring my passion for EMS, my educational and clinical background, and my interpersonal skills to your organization.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center having completed both an emergency medicine residency and an emergency medical services (EMS) fellowship.  I am double board certified in both emergency medicine and emergency medical services which would allow me to bring a wide range of experiences to the NEMSA board.

In addition, I still work as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic in my community which allows me to personally experience the successes and challenges of EMS medicine, not just as a physician, but also a “boots on the ground” provider. It helps me to never lose sight of the new and changing challenges that providers are faced with over time.

I am a collaborative leader as I work closely with the variety of stake holders in the state including the state EMS medical director, many rural EMS agencies, and other EMS physicians in the state. I have the upmost respect for every EMS provider in the state and have made it the mission of my career to advance professional prehospital care through advocacy, education of EMS providers, promoting research, and strengthening EMS policy. I feel like this personal mission statement is in alignment with NEMSA and feel that I would be a good fit for the position.

In closing, thank you for allowing me to share my enthusiasm for the opportunity of being the potential next board member at large.  I hope to join your amazing team of devoted professionals as they support the prehospital community in Nebraska. If you have any additional questions or require any further information, please contact me.


Shaila Coffey, MD

Emergency Medicine/EMS Physician

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

University of Nebraska Medical Center

[email protected]

Scottie Hlavac



My name is Scottie Hlavac and I am interested in being on the board for Member at Large. I became an EMT in 1994 and joined the David City Volunteer Fire & Rescue In 1995 and still am a current member there. I held numerous positions there including Rescue Captain, Training Officer, and Asst. Chief. I have been CPR TCF for CCC Columbus since 2002. I’ve been an EMSI for 20 Years. Since that time I have taught an EMS class every year. I Love getting to meet and Instruct new students. I have a deep passion for EMS in Nebraska.


Scottie Hlavac


New Election Guidelines

2023 Elections Nominations

Guidelines for Candidate:

  • Must be a current (paid) NEMSA member before submitting your candidacy - (Required)
  • Submit by email a two-hundred-fifty or less word biography or campaign message to election committee February 1 by midnight (please include picture) 
  • Posters or signs cannot be displayed in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth - (only what NEMSA provides)
  • No campaigning in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth. 
  • All candidates will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, and will respect the rights and privileges of fellow candidates. It is expected that information provided by candidates be factual and truthful. The Candidacy and Election Committee shall report to the Board any and all instances in which a candidate has made untruthful, defamatory, inaccurate, or inappropriate statements in any phase or aspect of the election process or has committed, procured, solicited, or induced others to commit election fraud misrepresentation or any kind. The board will evaluate this information and, in its sole judgment, may vote to disqualify a candidate prior to election, or refuse to seat an elected candidate. 
  • Candidates may not: use the NEMSA membership list for distribution of candidacy information or materials.

For more information, click the link to view the complete NEMSA Election Guidelines.

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