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Election Committee

2022 Nominations

President - Sandy Lewis (Running Unopposed)

Sandy Lewis

Sandy Lewis

My name is Sandy Lewis and I am running for re-election of President. I am currently serving in this position and would like to continue representing NEMSA as your President.

I am an EMT/Firefighter for Murray Fire and Rescue and am serving as Lieutenant and secretary. I have been an EMT for 20 years. I am also an EMS instructor.

I have been very dedicated to Nebraska EMS and promise to continue to do so. I will continue fighting for rural EMS and Fire Departments and would continue to do so through NEMSA. Please consider me and vote for me for NEMSA President. Thank you for your vote.

2nd Vice President - 2 Candidates - Karolyn McElroy and Evon Koeppen

Karolyn McElroy

Karolyn McElroy

My name is Karolyn McElroy. I am running for re-election as NEMSA 2nd Vice President. I have served on the NEMSA Board since 2008, serving as NEMSA Treasurer and currently as 2nd Vice. There are many challenges facing EMS and I hope to continue serving as NEMSA 2nd Vice President to contribute in any way I can to understand these issues and to support all EMS providers.

My husband Larry and I live in Lyons, NE. I have been an EMT for Lyons Volunteer Fire & Rescue since 1993, serving for 28 years, most of that time as Rescue Captain. I have learned and grown immensely along the way, witnessing many changes in the EMS world.

I currently serve as Burt County Mutual Aid Association’s Secretary/Treasurer and as Nebraska’s NAEMT Membership Coordinator.

Volunteering and working in EMS takes unique people and I for one admire and enjoy working with all of you and am very proud to be a small part of EMS and hope to continue doing so. Thank you for what you do and your support, it is much appreciated!


Evon Koeppen

Evon Koeppen

Hi everyone!

My name is Evon Koeppen, aka- “Evo”. I’m running for 2nd Vice President of NEMSA.

I live in Emerald Nebraska (tiny dot, unincorporated, town just west of Lincoln) with my 2 teenage sons- Cooper & Caden, on our family’s farm. My Great grandparents were here, my mother grew up here and now I’m raising my kids here! My sister lives next door with her 2 teenage sons (I claim them as mine) and my father’s house is just a stone’s throw away. We have a decent chunk of land for dry crops as well as hay ground and pastures. Nebraska is home to us and I greatly value what this state has to offer. Nebraska isn’t for everyone and I’m totally fine with that!

I have been active in EMS since 2008. My heart is in keeping EMS moving in a forward motion. Being progressive is a necessity in medicine, especially in the EMS side of things. My full-time job is with the EMS Oversight Authority, where I’m the Coordinator for 18 Rural departments. I thoroughly enjoy going out to visit my departments and giving educational trainings. I’m also an Adjunct at SCC, in Lincoln, where I function as an EMT Lab Instructor. I absolutely love helping to bring up the next “Crop” of EMTs for Nebraska! I’m very passionate about EMS and NEMSA. Its Family to me and I will work hard to protect that and continue building it stronger.

Thank you for your consideration and vote!

Member at Large - 2 Spots - Marlene Bomar and Denell Rhinehart

Marlene Bomar

Marlene Bomar

My name is Marlene Bomar and I am currently serving as Board Member at Large for NEMSA.

I am asking for your vote to re-elect me as Board Member at Large so I can continue to serve you and all EMS providers in Nebraska.

I am married to John Bomar and we live in Battle Creek, Nebraska. I am an active member of the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue. I have been a Firefighter for 25 years and an EMT for 8 years. My passion is to help all First Responders who I consider my Fire and EMS family. In 2017 I was elected President of the Nebraska Volunteer Firefighters Association in which I worked very hard to help move the Association in a positive way. I was a part of getting the Association office to write the Safer grant which we were successful in being awarded. I serve on the Legislative Committee for NEMSA and the NSVFA and I have traveled to Lincoln to attend hearings on bills to show support of bills that would be a benefit for First Responders. I have attended many Fire Schools, Conferences, NEMSA classes and have attended the NEMSA Board meetings. If re-elected as Board Member at Large I would continue to serve in a professional manner and would do my part to help promote NEMSA in a positive way.


Denell Rhinehart

Denell Rhinehart

There comes a time in one’s life when they reflect on the contributions they have made. As I look around me, I realize there are so many more things I want to help accomplish in this field and in my corner of the planet. The education and excitation of the upcoming generation of EMS is high on my list! There are SO many new ideas and methods out there, and so many things we as a profession could be doing better. There are so many things we could be learning from each other. I want to help educate future generations and I want to learn from them as well! NEMSA has been a cornerstone in education of EMS for so long. I feel now that it is time to stop simply stating my thanks for the contribution NEMSA makes to EMS in Nebraska and to instead actually contribute in a way that can make a positive impact. I cannot think of a better way to do this than to be part of this incredible group of people! I would consider it a great honor to be part of this group and have the chance to be a positive influence on the future of our noble calling.

New Election Guidelines

2022 Elections Nominations

Guidelines for Candidate:

  • Must be a current (paid) NEMSA member before submitting your candidacy - (Required)
  • Submit by email a two-hundred-fifty or less word biography or campaign message to election committee November 1 by midnight (please include picture) 
  • Posters or signs cannot be displayed in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth - (only what NEMSA provides)
  • No campaigning in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth. 
  • All candidates will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, and will respect the rights and privileges of fellow candidates. It is expected that information provided by candidates be factual and truthful. The Candidacy and Election Committee shall report to the Board any and all instances in which a candidate has made untruthful, defamatory, inaccurate, or inappropriate statements in any phase or aspect of the election process or has committed, procured, solicited, or induced others to commit election fraud misrepresentation or any kind. The board will evaluate this information and, in its sole judgment, may vote to disqualify a candidate prior to election, or refuse to seat an elected candidate. 
  • Candidates may not: use the NEMSA membership list for distribution of candidacy information or materials.

For more information, click the link to view the complete NEMSA Election Guidelines.

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