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Election Committee

2024 Nominations


President- Running Unopposed


Sandy Lewis

My name is Sandy Lewis and I am running for re-election of President.  I am currently serving in this position and would like to continue representing NEMSA as your President.

I have served as an EMT/Firefighter for the past 23 years and am currently the Lieutenant for the Murray Fire and Rescue Department.  Staying active within the department has allowed me to see the continued needs within the profession.  I also dedicate my time as an EMT instructor both locally and regionally.  Being an instructor allows me to stay embedded and up-to- date with the evolving changes of an EMT plus it allows me to share my passion with others and gives me great satisfaction to see these students succeed.   

I am and have been very dedicated to Nebraska EMS and want to continue my dedication with this viable organization.  It is imperative to maintain our charge for the rural EMS and Fire Departments.  NEMSA has afforded me the opportunity to work with Legislature to bring monies and support to our small rural departments.  I started my EMS volunteer career with a department that responded to approximately 50 calls a year.  I know funding is an issue and the needs of the rural department is massive.  Keeping our volunteers protected with up-to-date equipment is a must for their safety, as well as, the people of these communities deserve to have the proper tools available in their life saving situations.  I believe working together will bring a solution for everyone.  Please consider to re-elect me as your NEMSA President.  Your vote for me is a vote for continued progress and resolutions.  Thank you.


2nd Vice President- Running Unopposed


Evon Koeppen


Hello Nebraska EMS Providers and Responders! 

My name is Evon (Evo) Koeppen and I am the current NEMSA 2nd Vice President. I have thoroughly enjoyed my position these last 2 years and greatly look forward to (hopefully) a 2nd term serving you! I have lived my entire life on our family farm in Emerald Ne. My Great grandparents were farming this ground and for generations we have kept it going. My hope is for my sons to stick around and follow in the family footsteps. 

I have a substantial, long time career/background in EMS as a provider and also as an Instructor. In addition, I have nearly a decade of experience in EMS Oversight. I absolutely love working with Rural EMS departments and find myself right at home in their "houses" providing education and training. I very much enjoy being an Instructor at SCC in Lincoln. Just getting to help mold the newest "next crop" of EMS professionals to hit the streets is highly satisfying and I am humbled to be a part of their journey!

One of the biggest highlights of my first term was walking the floor of the Nebraska Capitol building. Meeting and working with our Senators to provide millions of dollars in funds just for EMS. It was a great honor to "wear my high heels" to help that process along. We already have more meetings scheduled to continue down that path in 2024. EMS deserves this attention!

During our March Conference in Kearney I will be around to visit with you and answer any questions you may have- or address any of your concerns! 

Please consider me as you cast your vote for 2nd Vice President. I would greatly appreciate it and I look forward to seeing all of you!





Board Member at Large- Vote for 2 Positions to be filled


Denell Rhinehart

I am Denell Rhinehart,  I am a 15-year EMS veteran with 12 years as a paramedic and 7 in critical care/flight. I began my career in 2008 as an EMT volunteer with my BLS service, Fullerton Rescue in Fullerton, Nebraska. I obtained my paramedic certificate in 2011 through Central Community College and my Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in Paramedicine in 2023. I began working as a paramedic in 2013 for Midwest Medical Transport Company and obtained my EMS Instructor certification in the same year. In 2014, I attended the Critical Care Paramedic Program at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I went to work for LifeTeam in 2016 and began flying for the same company in 2017. Though flying for Medical Air Rescue Company for a year, I returned to LifeTeam in 2019 where I became the Clinical Base Lead for the base in McCook, Nebraska. Throughout this time, I have taught numerous EMT initial and continuing education classes throughout the state of Nebraska. In December of 2020, Air Methods Corporation bought LifeTeam/LifeSave. I then transferred to LifeNet 1-3 in Columbus in November of 2021 and have been flying from that Air Methods base since. In 2021 I obtained my FP-C certification from the International Board of Specialty Certifications. In 2022, I began serving as the Paramedicine Program Simulation Coordinator and Instruction Faculty at Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska where I now work alongside my paramedic instructor. I also serve the EMS community  as a Nebraska Emergency Medical Services Association Board of Directors Member at Large, Nebraska Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Nebraska Association of Air Medical Services Board of Directors, Nebraska Statewide EMS Conference Board NEMSA Representative, and remain Assistant Captain and active member of Fullerton Rescue while continuing to work and teach in the community where I live. Furthering not only the volunteerism but also career opportunities for EMS as well as ensuring ample educational opportunities to all EMS providers in the state of Nebraska is my ultimate goal. I have served as Member at Large and conference committee chair for the last two years and serve as education coordinator for this year's conference. I would like to continue to serve both NEMSA and Nebraska as a Member at Large. 

Sincerely, Denell Rhinehart


Marlene Bomar

My name is Marlene Bomar and I am running for re-election for NEMSA as
Board Member at Large. I am asking for your vote to re-elect me as your
Board Member at Large so I can continue to serve you and all EMS
providers in Nebraska.
I am an active member of the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue and I
am currently serving as Secretary, EMS Training Officer and Leader of the
Junior Fire Patrol. I have been a Firefighter for 27 years and an EMT for 10
years. My passion is to help all First Responders who I consider my Fire
and EMS family.
In the past 4 years I have worked side by side with the Board to help move
NEMSA forward in a positive way. I am currently serving on the NEMSA
Legislative committee. I have traveled to Lincoln and testified at hearings
on bills that would be a benefit for all First Responders and also worked
hard on growing our membership in NEMSA. My goals are to have better
communication between our Board and our membership and to also
continue promoting EMS in Nebraska. I have been attending all the EMS
Board meetings to keep up with any updates on EMS.
I am your voice if you have concerns. Working together we can make
NEMSA stronger.
I would appreciate your Vote!

Marlene Bomar

Ryan Batenhorst

Mr. Batenhorst's thirty-year career in paramedicine began as a volunteer in his hometown of West Point, Nebraska. Progressing through various roles, he gained experience as a paramedic in the hospital setting and the field, encompassing emergent and non-emergent transport. As a paramedic, his clinical experience focused on emergent 911 response in the urban settings of Lincoln, Nebraska; Orlando, Florida; and Johnson County, Kansas. Mr. Batenhorst holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Leadership Studies from Bellevue University and a Master of Education (MEd) degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Nebraska Wesleyan University. He is in the final dissertation phase of his Doctor of Education(EdD) degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership at Creighton University. In addition to his role as the Director of Paramedicine Education at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. Batenhorst serves in the paramedic role on the Nebraska State Board of EMS, as well as serves on the Education and Scope of Practice subcommittees, embodying a steadfast commitment to advancing standards and practices within the dynamic field of paramedicine in the State of Nebraska.



New Election Guidelines

2024 Elections Nominations

Guidelines for Candidate:

  • Must be a current (paid) NEMSA member before submitting your candidacy - (Required)
  • Submit by email a two-hundred-fifty word or less biography or campaign message to election committee February 1 by midnight (please include picture) 
  • Posters or signs cannot be displayed in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth - (only what NEMSA provides)
  • No campaigning in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth. 
  • All candidates will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, and will respect the rights and privileges of fellow candidates. It is expected that information provided by candidates be factual and truthful. The Candidacy and Election Committee shall report to the Board any and all instances in which a candidate has made untruthful, defamatory, inaccurate, or inappropriate statements in any phase or aspect of the election process or has committed, procured, solicited, or induced others to commit election fraud misrepresentation or any kind. The board will evaluate this information and, in its sole judgment, may vote to disqualify a candidate prior to election, or refuse to seat an elected candidate. 
  • Candidates may not: use the NEMSA membership list for distribution of candidacy information or materials.

For more information, click the link to view the complete NEMSA Election Guidelines.

Email Bio and Photo to: coordinator@nemsa.org

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