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Election Committee

2020 Nominations

Members At Large - 2 positions

Ryan Simpson

Ryan SimpsonI am running for re-election of Board Member at Large. I am currently serving in this position and would like to continue this position. I started out as a volunteer on the Conference committee for NEMSA and have worked my way up to being Conference and Convention Coordinator and then being appointed to Board Member At Large on the NEMSA Board. I am an EMT/Firefighter for Ord Fire and Rescue. I have been a member since 1995. During my membership on Ord I have served as Fire Captain and EMS Captain. I have been very dedicated to Nebraska EMS and want to continue to do so on NEMSA Board. I want to continue fighting for rural EMS and Fire Departments and would continue to do so through NEMSA. Please consider me and vote for me for Board member at Large. Then you for your vote.

Robin Darnall

Robin DarnallMy name is Robin Darnall. I am running for the position of Member At Large. I have been a nationally registered EMT since 1994, and a member of NEMSA since first becoming licensed. I currently serve as the Secretary of the NIS board, and enjoy working alongside the other members of the NIS board and with other instructors throughout the state of Nebraska.

I live in western Nebraska about 20 miles from the Wyoming state line. I am married to Lane, who is a farmer/rancher and owns a feedlot. We have 2 grown "kids" and 3 beautiful granddaughters. In 2015, I opened my own Nebraska state licensed EMS training agency in Scottsbluff, NE. We have been successful in providing quality EMS education both in a traditional classroom and as hybrid (partially online and partially in classroom hands - on) courses. Our training agency was one of the first to offer EMS online education in the state of Nebraska. I believe that EMS in Nebraska is a "team" effort - everyone working together for the best EMS services in our state.

I served for many years as Regional Faculty for the American Heart Association, until these positions were eliminated in 2019. I have been a member of Banner County VFD since 1994 and have served on the department as an EMT and currently hold the position of the EMS Training Officer.

Curtis Deremer

Curtis DeremerI am running for the position of Board Member at Large. I joined the Utica Vol. Fire & Rescue Dept. in 2001. I have been an EMT for 10 years and have served as Assistant Chief on Utica Fire & Rescue. I have been a volunteer for NEMSA on the Conference and Convention Committees since 2016. As of September, I was elected to the Seward County E911 Board. I feel I can be a great advocate for Nebraska as your Board Member at Large and can continue to help promote EMS in Nebraska. My goals as a board member are to help grow and keep our members growing in NEMSA. Also, to help voice concerns from small EMS squads in the state to the higher level.

Marlene Bomar

Marlene BomarMy name is Marlene Bomar and I would like to submit my name for the position of Board Member at Large. I am married to John Bomar. I live in Battle Creek, Nebraska and an active member of the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue. I have been a Firefighter for 23 years and an EMT for 6 years. My passion is to help all First Responders who I consider my Fire and EMS family. In 2017 I was elected President of the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association in which I worked very hard to help move the Association in a positive way. I was a part of getting the Association office to write the Safer grant which we were successful in being awarded. I serve on the Legislative Committee for the NSVFA and I have traveled to Lincoln to attend hearings on bills to show support of bills that would be a benefit for First Responders. John and I travel the State attending Mutual Aid Meetings, Department Meetings and Department functions. I have attended many Fire Schools, Conferences, NEMSA classes and have attended a coup le of the NEMSA Board meetings. If elected as Board Member at Large I would serve in a professional manner and would do my part to help promote NEMSA in a positive way.

New Election Guidelines

2020 Elections Nominations

Guidelines for Candidate:

  • Must be a current (paid) NEMSA member before submitting your candidacy - (Required)
  • Submit by email a two-hundred-fifty or less word biography or campaign message to election committee Dec. 31 by midnight (please include picture) 
  • Posters or signs cannot be displayed in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth - (only what NEMSA provides)
  • No campaigning in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth. 
  • All candidates will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, and will respect the rights and privileges of fellow candidates. It is expected that information provided by candidates be factual and truthful. The Candidacy and Election Committee shall report to the Board any and all instances in which a candidate has made untruthful, defamatory, inaccurate, or inappropriate statements in any phase or aspect of the election process or has committed, procured, solicited, or induced others to commit election fraud misrepresentation or any kind. The board will evaluate this information and, in its sole judgment, may vote to disqualify a candidate prior to election, or refuse to seat an elected candidate. 
  • Candidates may not: use the NEMSA membership list for distribution of candidacy information or materials.

For more information, click the link to view the complete NEMSA Election Guidelines.

Email Bio and Photo to: election@nemsa.org

Questions? election@nemsa.org

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