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Memorial Committee

Mission Statement

To honor and celebrate the lives of Nebraska EMS personnel who have passed away.

NEMSA Memorial Guidelines

If you or your service knows of any such loss, please contact Karolyn McElroy and provide the mailing address.

NEMSA Memorial Booth & NEMSA Memorial Wall


In Memory 

Terry Gallagher

Terry Gallagher
First NEMSA President
March 6, 1942 — August 26, 2018

NEMSA Memorial Services

Candle Service
NEMSA Memorial Committee will hold a candlelight service at Super Conference. A memorial candle will be lit to recognize a member of a rescue service, public safety group, and others who you feel have made a contribution to EMS in your community. Fill out the information on the form at the NEMSA booth if you would like to recognize someone that has not been previously recognized, or has been previously recognized. A person may be recognized more than once.

Table of Honor Service
NEMSA Memorial Committee will hold and conduct the Table of Honor Ceremony at a Conference if asked by the Conference Committee or the BOD. The Table of Honor Ceremony will consist of but not limited to 4 escorts, 1 candle barer, 1or 2 trumpeter(s), 1 or more bagpiper(s), and 1 narrator. The Table of Honor will be set by the diagram which includes: 1 round table, 1 white table cloth, 4 black dinner plates, 4 black dessert plates, 4 black napkins, 4 stem wine glasses, 4 salt shakers, 4 lemon wedges, 1 American Flag folded in a triangle, 1 red rose in a vase, and 1 candle.

To submit your loved one's name, you can fill out our online memorial form or download a PDF Memorial Service Candle Form version of the memorial form.

Memorial Committee

Karolyn McElroy & Pam Strong


Nebraska Emergency
Medical Services Association

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