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Sure signs of spring: warmer temps and priority bill designations. Senators and lobbyists alike are grateful that all-day hearings have now come to an end. Lawmakers processed some bills through limited debate this week, but the real action on advancing bills will begin next week. Senators and committees must designate priority bills by Thursday, March 11. Speaker Hilgers will announce an additional 25 Speaker priorities by Wednesday, March 17. The Speaker has announced his intention to utilize the consent calendar process to expedite consideration of non-controversial bills.


Hearing of Interest to NEMSA This Week:

LB441 (M. Hansen) Change provisions relating to compensation for individuals affected by COVID-19 under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act

  • This bill would provide a rebuttable presumption for workers’ compensation benefits for essential workers who test positive for COVID-19, who have COVID-19 listed as the cause of death on their death certificate, or who quarantine at the direction of their employer.
  • Nebraska Appleseed and Nebraska AFL-CIO both supported the bill, saying that other states have created a rebuttable presumption for COVID-19 cases and that workers would still have to show the virus was contracted at work.
  • Nebraska Department of Insurance opposed the bill, explaining that it currently doesn’t process and administer workers’ compensation claims but would be required to under the bill, among other serious technical issues.
  • Nebraskans for Workers’ Compensation Equity and Fairness, Nebraska Defense Counsel Association, Nebraska Chamber, Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska, and Nebraska Association of School Boards all opposed the bill, noting the reversal of the burden of proof would be nearly impossible for employers to rebut.
  • An assistant Omaha City Attorney testified in a neutral position, supporting the policy, but suggesting necessary technical changes, including precluding coverage for employees refusing vaccination.
  • The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court testified in a neutral position, requesting an amendment that would require first reports of injury to be filed with the court, as is done for all other workers’ compensation claims.


Advanced From Committee This Week:

LB664 (Groene) Change distributions from the Mutual Finance Assistance Fund

Provides that each rural and suburban fire protection district or each village, city of the second class, or rural and suburban fire protection district that is a member of a mutual finance organization that qualifies for assistance shall receive $10,000.


We appreciate your continued engagement in this session.



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