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LB1198 (Stinner) Appropriate funds for the Governor’s Emergency Program – COVID-19


AM2976 (Stinner): Strikes the underlying bill and uses LB1198 as the vehicle to transfer $83.6 million from the Cash Reserve Fund to the Governor’s Emergency Cash Fund - Governor's Emergency Program - COVID-19 by June 30, 2020.

From Governor’s Summary:

DHHS Public Health

-Local Response Efforts - $38,156,700 - Additional funding for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies to local jurisdictions, and support to local health departments for staffing, PPE, call centers, information technology needs including additional laptops/servers, and other essential expenditures.

-DHHS Staffing - $4,004,000 - Additional staffing expenditures are needed to cover costs for overtime and additional staff. The areas that need immediate surge and sustained staffing are epidemiology, support services (administrative, communications, and data entry), emergency preparedness, and contracts for staffing in epidemiology and interpreters to meet the increased demands of the Division of Public Health.

Surge Staffing for Veterans Hospitals & DHHS Care Facilities - $13,000,000 - Additional staffing expenditures are needed to cover costs for overtime and additional staff to maintain facility healthcare coverage needs. The areas that need immediate surge and sustained staffing are veterans’ homes and DHHS care facilities including nursing, administrative, and other health care professionals. This was calculated to cover a surge of 50% in additional staffing needs in the event that staff is unable to care for individuals at the facilities due to staff quarantine or isolation requirements.


-COVID-19 Lab Testing - $515,000 - Augments the cost of the reagents, laboratory personnel, and equipment to conduct COVID-19 lab testing for the state. This would include funds to purchase a combined sample extraction/detection robot for efficient and accurate serial processing of specimens, reducing staffing needs. This would be to support increased efficiency and capacity of statewide testing through the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory.

-Lab Equipment, Software Programming, and Personnel - $2,500,000 - The equipment includes higher throughput automated equipment for microbiology and molecular diagnostics. The increased testing throughput will be implemented on a fast track within the next 2-4 weeks but would support a prolonged outbreak, which is likely, as well as help prepare for future outbreaks. All funds would be dedicated to support statewide needs.

-UV Light Boxes - $100,000 - The UV light boxes would provide tertiary cleaning of N95 respirators for reuse by healthcare workers.

-Knowledge Center - $343,900 - This system is used by coalitions and all stakeholders across the state to establish an interoperable platform for communication, bed tracking, resource sharing, and an overall interoperable platform.

Additional Money

-Dollars held in Reserve - $25,000,000 - The $25 million in additional money to be held in reserve for use if needed. -ADOPTED 3/23/20


Original bill Appropriated $40,950 from the General Fund to DAS to be used for restoration of the doors to the Norris Chamber.


Previously considered, but not adopted:

AM2844 (Lathrop): Appropriates $52M from the General Fund for FY2020-21 to the Department of Corrections for the construction or expansion of a community corrections facility with 300 new beds in the Omaha metropolitan area. (LB 916) - LOST 3/11/20


Amendments filed but not addressed:

AM2842 (Slama): Appropriates $125,000 from the General Fund for FY2019-20 to the Department of Natural Resources, for Program 334, to be used to provide a grant to a city with a population of less than 1,000 residents to carry out an engineering study to develop cost estimates for repair of a breached levee system that resulted in the flooding of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities. -WITHDRAWN 3/11/20



The full text of all bills and other information is available online at  www.nebraskalegislature.gov.  If you have any questions or concerns about the information above, please feel free to contact us.


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